Want to grow your roofing business? You’re in the right place. We at Roofer Marketer specialize in working with roofing contractors only. This is the best place you can get strategies and ideas to expand your roofing business. Our strategies have been tested and are capable of moving your business to the next level. Our clients can attest to this.

There are so many marketing experts out there, but the fact is they cannot be compared with us. We know the roofing industry more than they do. We can help you be the roofing king in your local area.

Our Internet Marketing Process for Roofing Companies

Having been in the roofing marketing business for a long time with lots of trials and errors, we have distinguished between what works and what doesn’t in this industry. And so we have developed strategies that settle all issues relating to digital marketing. We call these strategies `the 4 pillar system.’

These strategies, when implemented, have produced useful results for our clients over and over again. These strategies are designed to increase your client base and cause your brand to be the focus of the internet. Also, your business gets landing pages, fabulous converting adverts, and generates leads like no man’s business. With all this, you don’t need to worry about sales EVER!

Here are the strategies that would help your roofing business generate more leads

  1. Build a roofing website that converts visitors into leads

The beginning and backbone of your online domination is the responsive website that we’ll build. It’ll have fast loading pages, call-to-actions, customized content, branding, and imagery for your business that gives your business dominance in your industry.

When you become a client and let us design your website, your brand becomes outstanding and attracts prospects. You stand a chance to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Regular updates and publishing content for your blog.
  • SEO enhanced custom content.
  • High definition videos and images.
  • Responsive designs that can be viewed using any device.
  • Fast loading host. You would no longer lose your visitors because your site loads slowly.
  • Easy tap-to-call buttons for cell phones.
  • High conversion forms that enable visitors to request more information.


  1. Run strategic pay per click advertising campaigns

Your brand would become famous and generate so many leads when you use any of our tested and trusted PPC services for roofers. With these services, clients can quickly put a call through to you or directly submit estimate requests to you. You would be listed on Bing and Google’s pay-per-click ad platforms on social media feeds, popular blogs, and websites.

Using this service would bring you returns on your investments and here’s why:

  • Our client base consists of only roofers, and so there’s more than enough data to promote your campaign.
  • We provide you with a 33% conversion rate as 1 out of every 3 clicks on your ad is converted into leads.
  • Optimization of campaigns begins immediately. We’ve mastered what works in your industry, and so you don’t need to waste money in making your ads work.
  1. Make Use Of Local SEO To Rank in Google Maps

Your brand stands tall when optimized with local SEO. It doesn’t just set you apart from competitors, but your brand would be ranked on Google’s top 3 on maps with a massive difference in the quality of your leads. This would be visible in just 90 days of working with our roofing SEO experts.

Local search engine optimization is divided into two categories:

  1. On-page optimization.
  2. Off-site optimization.

Below is how we handle the optimization services:

On-page optimization

  • We make use of local city names in page titles.
  • The use of roofing keywords in your website for search engines.
  • Video content and image tags are optimized.
  • Create content to make you an authority in your industry.

Off-site optimization

  • High-quality backlinks built from roofing websites to your website.
  • Citations and mentions built for your brand in renowned directories.
  • We make your business brand dominate your locality online.


  1. Retarget Previous Website Visitors with Ads

Retargeting visitors to your website turn prospects into customers. It is a way of establishing your presence online. Without retargeting your visitors, you tend to get only 20% of visitors contacting you, and all the money spent on advertising would go to waste as 80% of your visitors wouldn’t contact you.

But through retargeting visitors with ads, we place follow-up ads on social media platforms, Bing & Google, popular blogs, and News websites. We accomplish this by installing Google remarketing Tags and Facebook Pixel on all your landing pages and web pages.

  1. Create High Converting Landing Pages that Get Instant Leads.

Digital advertising and marketing would not work for a roofing contractor that doesn’t have a proper landing page. And without an appropriate landing page for visitors, there would be no leads conversions. Our landing pages have been tested over time and are now trusted to generate enough leads for your business.

  1. Get More Online Reviews

Even though some customers give reviews without been asked to, most times, they (customers) need a little cajoling to provide you with online reviews. As a roofing contractor, your reputation online matters a lot as visitors would prefer to approach businesses that have trusted and verified online reviews.

Our software tools would give your business the reviews that it needs to be a competition to others in your industry. These are the services that our review and reputation management software provides.

  • An accessible website URL your customers can access to give you a review after a job well done.
  • Automatically sends emails to customers to request for direct reviews.
  • Enables you to place them all over your websites for visibility.
  1. Create a Social Media Advertising Strategy

With the rapid growth of social media users, your business would get the exposure it needs when you place an ad on any platform. Facebook, for instance, has over 2 billion registered users, and at the same time, Instagram is experiencing rapid growth. If you can reach out to the majority of these users, your brand would become an authority in your industry.

We can target these users through their locations, relationship statuses, incomes, and interest and also present them with offers, branded videos, and so much more with just the click of the button.

Start today and your business to the next level!

Your roofing business can have the dominance it craves with our marketing system as we provide you with the right starting point. We will work with you and for you! And creates ads that expose your brand as a whole to enable you to get the trust and confidence of prospects and the sales you need!