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We have been doing SEO for about 10 years and know the roofing industry’s in and out. We’re your best roofer marketing plug! With our guidelines, your roofing website would rank top of Google’s search results. The things you’ll learn about in this guide includes:

  • How to rank top in Google Maps and organic search results.
  • How to dominate your market and be ahead of competitions.
  • How to generate more leads and website traffic
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Inbound Roofer understands the ins and outs of the roofing industry and knows what it takes to become the go to company in your area.

How Long Does SEO Take For Good Results To Show?

SEO doesn’t produce overnight results. It takes a little time (about 3 months) for your business to start seeing the results depending on your site’s starting point and the competition you are up against. You’ll begin seeing mind-blowing and long-term results in your roofing website and business after the completion of the initial work, usually between 6 – 12 months. The reason for this long time frame is that search engines need to understand the changes that your site is undergoing, and that takes time.

Longer campaigns usually yield better results, but most times, brand owners are too impatient to wait, forgetting that the end result would last a really long time. This is the reason we use roofing SEO as only a part of our online marketing strategy for roofers. Methods like PPC produce instantaneous results and make up the other part of our online marketing strategy.

Don’t Be Invisible

With our roofer SEO expert campaigns, your roofing business can become an authority online in your area. That’s our goal. That’s our work, and that’s the result we provide!

Somewhere between 6-9 months after our SEO work is completed, you’d get to a point where traffic from SEO would plateau, and you would be unable to increase traffic. The SEO would have done its job at this point. By the way, it’s a normal occurrence. What you would have to do at such a time is to begin expanding your strategy’s reach and monitoring competitors to maintain your results.

The Kind Of ROI To Expect 

You get incredible ROI from your long term roofing SEO services. You get up to 10 -20 times leads compared to what you were getting before when SEO gets to its maximum effect. And this typically happens within 4-6 months. Everything from there generally is money back in your pockets.

Ready to work together?

Inbound Roofer understands the ins and outs of the roofing industry and knows what it takes to become the go to company in your area.

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How To Measure Your SEO Campaign's Success.

Besides knowing how to do search engine optimization, you must measure the progress of your roofing SEO campaign as well. We employ Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to determine the efficiency of the work done. Your business KPIs should be in tune with your business budgets, goals, and timeline of expectations. The primary purpose of these KPIs is to know what works and what doesn’t for your business so you can make necessary adjustments.

Below is a list of things we report and measure on:

  • Organic Search Ranking – Are the rankings for your keywords changing overtime or not.
  • Organic traffic – the number of traffic generated from users that click on your sites from SERPs.
  • New Leads – the number of people contacting you through phones or contact form requesting more information.
  • Time on site/ Bounce Rate – Are your visitors spending time on your website, or are they leaving immediately they land on your site. It is an important metric to note.

When working with SEO, you will need to check regularly if your website is showing up on Google searches for your keywords. Keywords like “your city roofing company,” “roofing contractor your city,” “roof replacement,” and so on.

For best results, brainstorm the keywords you want customers to find you with based on your services. Before continuing, you should understand the search types of results that are displayed when you search for anything. Three sections of listings are displayed when you search Google, these includes:

Paid Google Ads Listings – These generally pop up at the top of a Google search result with the word “ad” at the top left of each listing. Here you can pay Google to display ads for your roofing business based on keywords you provide. And you only get to pay when a visitor clicks on your listing. Hence it is called pay per click.

Google Map Listings: This is the biggest lead generator as your business will rank in the 3 pack of Google maps that usually shows up in results for local searches. For instance, if a visitor types “roofer in Minneapolis,” three businesses that Google considers important enough to fit into that description pops up. Listings in these positions get unlimited traffic. You cannot pay for placement ads on Google Maps. It has to be earned. We, however, know how to sneak in an ad into those spots (that’s a topic for another day).

Organic Search Listings: This section is displayed just below the map listing for local searches. These are not paid ads. You would have to work your way up Google listings to appear here to generate traffic for your site. This is where SEO comes in.

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