Retargeting Ads For Roofing Contractors (Remarketing is a CRUCIAL Step)

It is prevalent to have so many website visitors with only a very few of them ever becoming leads. Do you find yourself in this position? If you do, don’t despair. There’s a perfect solution to this.

There’s one thing that you can do to convert the bulk of your website visitors who left to leads, and even your customers. It is Retargeting Ads.

Yes, you should set up retargeting ads to reach them. We even use it as a critical and integral part of our marketing system at Roof Marketers.

In this guide, we’ll show you how retargeting works and even give you an idea or two on how you can set it up.

A Quick Note For The Readers

While we break down the ad setup process for retargeting ads in this article for you as a roofing contractor, this book is about Internet Marketing. In it, we include a considerable portion about the right way to do retargeting ads. So we advise you to get the book or the whole picture and everything you’ll need to know on internet marketing that works and retargeting ads. Get the book, and you’ll get everything you need to know!

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Twenty percent! That’s the typical best most roofing websites (with all the conversion elements) do when it comes to instantly converting visitors and getting them to contact you. The implication is simple: 80% of your site’s visitors aren’t contacting you. Those are people that you spent money and effort driving to your website, by the way.

You just can’t let these people (most of whom are in a “research now, contact later” mode) go without trying to reach them. That’s where retargeting comes in, and it’s how you turn them into customers.

To give you an example of how it works, have you ever ‘just looked’ at any product on Amazon, maybe even a random product, and then you start seeing ads of the same product almost everywhere you visit afterward? If you have, that’s retargeting at work.

In the same way, after visiting your website for the first time, people will begin seeing your ads on other websites and social media that they browse. It’s one of the best ways of establishing a strong brand presence and bringing back your prospects to you.

Reasons Retargeting Is A Crucial Strategy For You As A Roofing Contractor

The necessity and efficacy of retargeting ads are often questioned by many. But extensive research and testing have proven to us that is doesn’t only work; it makes a whole world of difference.

Take a look at it this way:

The average American who owns a home wants to replace his roof. Is he just going to pay for the replacement like he went grocery shopping? Most likely, no! Replacing his roof is a huge decision and has substantial cost implications. This isn’t groceries. So he’ll go price shopping and comparing to get estimates of what it would cost him.

This research mode will probably last a few days or weeks in which he’ll check your site, as well as your competitors’. After researching, he’ll go back to his normal browsing activities and social media – maybe without ever planning to return to your site.

But that’s where retargeting ads and presenting him an offer come in to play a very crucial role: getting him to come back, choose you, and contact you.

When you run your retargeting ads, if everything is well set (including having a retargeting ads code on your website), you will succeed at putting your brand in front of them to create more brand awareness. They’ll see your brand (ads) in their Facebook and Instagram feeds, favorite blogs or news websites, Instagram stories, and several other places.

When you talk about brand awareness, this is the ultimate way to go. This way, you remind them of who you are, and of the fact that they are in search of a roofing contractor.

This puts your business ahead of others and in their minds!

Crafting A Specific Retargeting Offer

When thinking of retargeting your visitors, add a specific offer in your ad to lure them back to your website. This is crucial.

One of the things that make retargeting awesome is that you can be very specific in your ad to them. For example, you can retarget a visitor based on the page he visited.

So if he visited a page on cedar roofs before leaving your website, you could serve an ad like this.

“Limited-Time Special: Get up to $2,000 Off New Cedar Roofs. Offer Expires 10/31. Schedule Your Free Estimate Now!” with a video playing in the ad.

This gets their attention, draws them in, and makes the visitor want to act immediately because of the limits of the time offer.

We cannot overemphasize the importance of the offer. If you’re going to get them back, as you wish, you need to lure them with something to get them in. It could be anything including,

  • Discounting a service for them,
  • Adding something to the service they’re looking for free of charge
  • A limited customer offer etc.

Ad Landing Pages

As you create your retargeting ads with the message and offer to lure your visitors back, you also have to create a specific landing page on your site housing the information about the offer that they need. The landing page will also contain information that makes it easy for people to contact you.

This landing page is critical to the success of the ad. Sending them to your home page is a waste of your time, effort, and retargeting ads spend.

 Where To Set Up Retargeting Ads

You can set up your retargeting ads on several platforms including,

  • Google: Using Google’s retargeting ads is one of the best ways to go as your ads will show on as many sites as your visitors also frequent. Google can pull this off because, as you should know by now, ‘they own the internet.’
  • Facebook/Instagram: Facebook’s retargeting ads are also another great way to go. Almost everyone you know is on social media, most likely Facebook. Their retargeting ads are inexpensive ways to get back your customers into your sales funnel.
  • YouTube: This is yet another platform to use for retargeting. You can get your remarketing video ad inserted into the transition between videos, and the next time your visitors are on YouTube, they’ll see it.

Some Questions You Should Answer Before You Set Up Retargeting Ads:

The following are questions you need to provide answers for yourself before you move on with setting up retargeting ads.

  • Have you crafted your specific offer to include in your ad to lure back customers from your ads?
  • Have you installed Facebook tracking pixel on your website?
  • Have you also installed Google Remarketing Tracking Code on your website?

Retargeting Is The Best Way Roofers Can Make Their Businesses Visible Online

One of the best things you can do to fuel your roofing business’s growth is to retarget your visitors. Done right, your roofing retargeting campaign will drive in so much traffic it’ll blow your mind. These ads will ensure you are always visible in your local area and build the trust you need with your customers. The result is they’ll contact you for business.

You should note that an excellent retargeting campaign doesn’t deliver results overnight. It takes some time, but the results are well worth it. At Roofer Marketers, we have both the expertise and workforce to work on your campaigns and in-depth knowledge of your industry necessary for getting you great results. We also know how your competitors work. All these make us your best bet to getting the results you are looking for.

To get a Free Audit and Strategy Session, get in touch with us today. We’ll hand you a blueprint detailing how we’ll give you a majority of your market and rank you the #1 roofing business in your local area.

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